Vehicle Variants
    Short Wheelbase • 8m³ Load Space, 1.6 tonne Payload & 2.5 tonne Towing
    • Over 2.5m of cargo Load Length
    • FWD, Auto or Manual Transmission
    • 100L Fuel Tank
    • 5 year / 200,000km Warranty
    • 12 month/30,000km Service Intervals
    • Stability Control, Reverse Camera & Bulkhead

    Medium Wheelbase • 10.8m³ Load Space & 1.6 tonne Payload
    • Over 3.0m Load Length
    • Takes STD Pallets through Front or Side Doors
    • 100L Fuel Tank
    • 5 year / 200,000km warranty & 24/7 roadside assist
    • 12 month/30,000km Service Intervals
    • Stability Control, Reverse Camera & Bulkhead

    Long Wheelbase • Front or Rear Wheel Drive
    • 12.4m³ (RWD) - 13.0m³ (FWD) Load Space
    • 1.6 tonne (FWD) - 2.2 tonne (RWD) Payload
    • Over 3.7m Load Length
    • 5 year / 200,000km Warranty & 24/7 roadside assist
    • 12 month/30,000km Service Intervals
    • Stability Control, Reverse Camera & Bulkhead
    Extra Long Wheelbase • 17m³ Load Space & 2.1 tonne Payload
    • RWD & 3.0 tonne Towing
    • Over 4.3m of Load Length
    • 100L Fuel Tank
    • 5 year/200,000km Warranty & 24/7 roadside assist
    • 12 month/30,000km Service Intervals
    • Stability Control, Reverse Camera & Bulkhead
    Plenty of options The Master is available in three body styles: standard front-wheel drive, extended-capacity rear-wheel drive and a platform cab variant that allows all manner of conversions. Naturally, Renault Master is designed with a utilitarian sense of purpose in mind, but that’s not to say it’s lacking in style. And regardless of whether you’re a sole trader or the representative of a country-wide enterprise, the Master will present a professional, capable and reliable image to your client base.
    Tall enough, long enough Renault Master has been created with an array of business scenarios in mind. The vehicle comes in four lengths and three heights, for example. There’s really very little it can’t contain – and there are plenty of conversion options available, which means you’ll definitely be able to choose the ideal Master for your organisation.
    Easy accessibility This full-size panel van provides side access via a left sliding door. Short wheelbase (SWB) models additionally feature 180-degree-opening rear doors, while medium wheelbase (MWB), long wheelbase (LWB) and extra-long wheelbase (EWB) variants are fitted with rear doors that open as much as 270 degrees.
    A spectrum of colours The Master is available in a choice of three metallic and seven solid paint finishes, allowing you to select the one that most closely matches your brand. Subtle hues include Mineral White, Urban Grey and Pearlescent Black, while bolder colours encompass Chrome Yellow, Vibrant Orange, Carmen Red and Caribbean Blue.
    Vast, flexible At the very least, Renault Master offers an 8,000-litre load volume (SWB models) and at most it delivers 17,000 litres of cargo capacity (ELWB variants), with three options in between. And this is without taking into account the various height and length permutations, which range between 2.58 metres and 4.38 metres (length) and 1.79 metres and 2.05 metres (height). Whichever panel van option you choose, it’ll possess a 1.77-metre cargo width. In terms of payload, the Master can haul between 1,533kg and 2,242kg.
    Cargo bay convenience An interior light ensures that you can inspect the contents of the Master’s load area with ease, night or day. With an optional Trade Pack included, the vehicle also features LED ceiling lights that offers even greater illumination. And all models feature a 12-volt power supply and numerous handy cargo tie-downs.
    Cab comfort and convenience There’s room for a crew of three inside the Master’s cab. The driver is treated to a height-and-reach-adjustable position that offers lumbar support, as well as a rake-and-reach-adjustable steering wheel. And there’s plenty of useful cubby provision, which makes it easy to keep things neat and tidy.
    Infotainment highlights All variants are installed with a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system, providing access to navigation functionality, DAB radio, and Bluetooth. The Master also comes with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, which uses mirroring technology to enable you to safely access your smartphone via the vehicle’s own display screen.
    Performance This commercial vehicle is powered by a 2.3-litre diesel engine, which produces a peak torque of 350Nm at 1,500rpm (360Nm in certain instances). This four-cylinder unit is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox as standard but can be specified with optional six-speed automatic transmission, which offers super-smooth transition through the gears. The vehicle is supplied with front-wheel drive in all SWB and MWB cases, and comes as standard with LWB models. Rear-wheel drive, meanwhile, is an option with manual-transmission LWB variants, and is issued as standard with ELWB iterations.
    Safe driving The Master’s body is reinforced with protective side mouldings and comes with a spare wheel located underneath, just in case of emergencies. Meanwhile, a wide range of passive safety features and driver aids are included as standard.
    Essential illumination Rear fog lights are fitted as standard, while front fog lights are included with optional Business Packs. All models are furnished with LED daytime running lights, which ensure the vehicle is always easy for other road users to see. Meanwhile, standard-issue dusk-sensing headlights react automatically to changing light conditions so that you don’t need to.
    Driver aids As well as driving aids such as Anti-lock Braking System, Electronic Stability Control and Hill-start Assist, Renault Master is installed with parking-assist technology. Included are rear-mounted sensors and a rear-view camera that allow you to reverse into any loading bay with ease.