Vehicle Variants
Techno • 60kWh battery, 454km driving range
• 220Hp, 300Nm instant torque
• 20” Soren two-tone alloy wheels
• 12.3” high-definition driver display screen
• Multi-sense driver mode selection
• Smart traffic sign recognition
• Blind spot intervention
NEXT GENERATION IS ONLY THE BEGINNING Its SUV-like front end and compact saloon body give it an exceptional look. The signature full LED front light, 3D iridescent rear lighting signature, gold chrome accents and black roof reveal a completely original and contemporary design.
LIGHTING THE ROAD AHEAD Megane E-Tech is fitted with Adaptive Vision LED headlights which automatically adjust the shape of the light beam in response to changes in traffic and weather conditions. When paired with automatic high/low beam headlight activation, you'll always have clear vision.
EFFICIENT & AERODYNAMIC SILHOUETTE Striking design doesn't come at the expense of efficiency. In fact, Megane E-Tech was designed from the ground up with efficiency in mind. With a drag coefficient of 0.29, the lowest in the Renault line up, Megane E-Tech's aerodynamic curves ensure maximum power output with minimal energy consumption.
PURE SENSATION A new era has begun. With all-new Megane E-Tech 100% electric, pure emotion and advanced technology combine for an innovative mobility experience.
IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE Megane E-Tech's revolutionary new platform pushes the limits of interior roominess. This is thanks to an extra-long wheelbase, with the wheels positioned on the very outer edges of the car. Plus, with the ultra-slim battery positioned under the floor, Megane E-Tech maintains generous interior space, so you can stay comfortable even on longer journeys.
REACHING OUT TO GREET YOU The high-tech experience begins before you even get in the car. While locked and during driving, the door handles are flush with the body to maximise aerodynamics. But when you approach with the smart key card in your pocket, the door handles extend automatically, retracting once you're safely inside.
CONTROL IS IN YOUR HANDS Megane E-Tech has reinvented the wheel, with a reduced steering ratio giving you more precise control to feel more connected on the road. The steering wheel also incorporates the main controls for the driver assistance systems and infotainment, as well as paddle shifters to adjust the level of regenerative braking intensity for a fully customised driving experience.
RECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE Renault's pioneering sustainability actions take form in Megane E-Tech. The ultra comfortable wrap-around seats are upholstered in cloth and leather-style trims that are made from 100% recycled plastics. Bit it doesn't end there, as up to 90%2 of vehicle materials are entirely recyclable.
A RARE MOTOR WITHOUT RARE EARTH Megane E-Tech is truly environmentally friendly. Its electric motor is 100% free from all rare-earth metals. This green innovation is made possible by the innovative use of copper coils inside the rotor. Thanks to the ingenious eco-friendly design, Megane E-Tech becomes more efficient as it is possible to modulate the current flowing through the motor to limit electricity consumption.
ZERO EMISSIONS, FULL INNOVATION Megane E-Tech is fitted with a high-performance 60 kWh ultra-slim battery. Optimised weight distribution, a longer wheelbase, a fully flat floor and a low centre of gravity give Megane E-Tech greater agility. Plus, with up to 454km of WLTP driving range, Megane E-Tech goes the distance.
CHARGING MADE EASY No matter where you are, Megane E-Tech makes charging simple, compatible with AC charging up to 7.4kW and DC fast charging up to 130kW. You can charge from 0-100% overnight at home using a standard 7kW wall box, so you can start each day with a full charge. Or for those times when you need a quick top up, charge from 15-80% in as little as 30 minutes using 130kW public fast charging infrastructure.
ALL-ELECTRIC PERFORMANCE Megane E-Tech is the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. The all-electric powertrain weights only 145kg, contributing to the sporty handling. The electric motor delivers an exhilarating 220 horsepower (160kW), and in combination with the instant delivery of 300Nm of torque, Megane E-Tech offers unparalleled driving pleasure.